Monday, January 4, 2010

Illinois River Watershed Partnership publishes annual report and snow falls along the Illinois River in southern Washington County near Hogeye on January 4, 2010

Please click on images to ENLARGE photos of Illinois River north of Hogeye, Arkansas, on January 4, 2010.

The Riparian Project
5 Cities
5 Streambanks
5,000 Seedlings
Volunteer monitoring at Lick Branch
Online Watershed Challenge Winners
Fayetteville Boys & Girls Club at Lake Wedington Make a Difference Day Monitoring
Prairie Grove EAST Lab monitor
Lincoln Lake

Thank you to our sponsors, members, and volunteers for what YOU accomplished in the Illinois River Watershed in 2009!
19 Education & Community Outreach Projects
16 Conservation & Restoration Projects
3 Water Quality Monitoring Projects
$77,333 Volunteer Labor
4,549 Volunteer Hours
1,773 Volunteers
Over $360,000 in project grants and $100,000 in matching funds!
Over 200 members,
25 sponsorship organizations, and 60 volunteer organizations!
Please join us in 2010 as we continue to improve the integrity of the Illinois River Watershed through public education andcommunity outreach,water quality monitoring, and conservation and restoration projects.

Go to to renew your 2010 membership or join today!

Tahlequah Riparian Project Volunteers
Forestry education at Mud Creek cleanup
Kirksey Middle School Osage Creek cleanup
UA Ecological Engineering Society monitor Illinois River
Streambank Restoration with Jet Stinger and Volunteers planting live willow cuttings

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